A focus on ergonomics & preventive health and wellness education can improve function & quality of life.

Pre-Emptive Healthcare and Education

Pre-emptive healthcare is a proactive rather than reactive approach. Instead of waiting to treat symptoms after they occur, an effort is made to assess and treat health issues before they produce any symptoms or disabilities. Examinations and assessments determine any objective concerns requiring therapeutic attention. Patient education is an important aspect of this. Equipping the patient with the knowledge and tools to avoid scenarios that cause injuries or health concerns is an important part of this care.

Corporate Services

Any type of workplace can benefit from Workplace Ergonomic Assessments and employee Wellness Assessments. Services include evaluating computer stations and work space ergonomics, and assessing the physical aspects of job tasks. On-site evaluations result in a written report providing recommendations on improvements which can lower an employee’s risk for injury by reducing strain and unnecessary risks that may result in injuries. Wellness Assessments provide information that can be used to not only improve an employee’s physical health, but also social, occupational, intellectual and emotional dimensions. All of these qualities may affect an employee’s overall well-being and in turn influence their productivity.

Personal Therapy

Wellness and Ergonomic Assessments are important components for evaluation and treatment of all patients. Other areas of focus include nutritional and weight control recommendations for individual patients. Additionally, Dr. Doyle consistently engages in continuing education on best practices to treat sports-related injuries, and has practiced as the designated chiropractor for many professional sports teams and amateur athletes.

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