G.C. Penfield, NY

I have been visiting Ed Doyle for 20 + years. I run daily and compete in triathlon regularly. Over my 20 year history with Ed I missed very few training days or races. He has helped me out immensely…enough said.

P.M. Rochester, NY

I remember the first time I came to your office years after being diagnosed with chronic back pain. My insurance had just made provisions for chiropractic care for back injuries. Until I started coming to you, I had thought I was going to go through the rest of my life in pain. From the first visit, I knew it was the right course. All those wasted years!!! And so, now I am mostly pain free most of the time and I owe it all to you all the time! Thank you for everything.

L.W. Penfield, NY

Dr. Doyle has been treating my neck problems for over ten years. He always makes time form me and gets to the root of the problem and sends me home feeling like me again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic care.

R.N. Penfield, NY

I have been a patient of Dr. Doyle’s for many years and am extremely pleased with the treatments he has given me to manage migraine headaches. He is exceptionally flexible in making time to ensure that I can see him when needed. I am greatly appreciative that with his chiropractic treatment as a part of migraine management, I can minimize any use of medications. His treatments have consistently been very affective for me.

C.K. Pittsford, NY

I have been using Dr. Doyle’s chiropractic services since the 1980’s because of four whip lash injuries from four car accidents. Dr. Doyle is the best of the best. He also helped my hiatal hernia pain and my TMJ problems. His kind and compassionate care to all of his patients makes him number in in my book. I have told him, “Don’t ever retire”.

D.W. Rochester, NY

In 1995 I experienced a serious low back injury. A good friend of mine sent me to Dr. Doyle. He diagnosed a herniated L4 disc. After repeated visits, I was back on the job building homes within 10 days. Since then, I have maintained a monthly schedule and continue to work hard, play tennis, golf and cycle.

S.M. Penfield, NY

I was very happy when asked to give my opinion of the care I have received since 1992 (20 years) from Dr. Ed Doyle. I’ve always had sciatic problems stemming from a fractured vertebra and slipped disc. Now arthritis has set in from head to toe. Dr. Doyle keeps me moveable so I can live a life with much less pain. In my old age I have developed allergies and he helps with that also without having to take unnecessary medication. He is kind, considerate and cares very much for his patients. If you are in trouble he will always fit you into his schedule the same day. Over the years, I have recommended him to several friends and they have been very happy with his care as well.